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Vision, Mission and Goals

TARS LogoTARS Vision Statement:   (What we want to achieve)

To empower rural education in Texas by advocating for the benefit of each student. Our commitment is to uphold the distinct identity of rural communities and their schools while highlighting their indispensable role in developing the foundations of the next generation of Texans.


TARS Mission Statement:  (What we do)                                                                                                                                                  

TARS’ mission is to champion the interests of rural schools in Texas, strongly advocating for equitable distribution of financial resources and emphasizing the significance for the self-governing principle of local authority. We will actively engage with federal, state, and local entities to influence education policy while providing research to support our recommendations.

TARS Goals:  (What we must do to get there)

1. Equitable Funding: To secure a fair funding mechanism that recognizes the scale of economy and the unique needs and challenges of rural schools, thereby growing their fiscal capacity to serve all students.

2. Local Governance: To strongly advocate for local governance in education, recognizing the value of locally elected school boards in understanding the unique values and educational requirements of their communities. To exert a positive impact on educational policies at federal, state, and local levels, ensuring they honor and support the specific needs of rural schools.

3. Tailored Education: To advocate for educational strategies and policies that recognize the distinct characteristics and needs of rural communities, challenging a one-size-fits-all approach and ensuring a more customized, locally responsive education for each student.

4. Consolidation Resistance: To resist any consolidation of small and rural school districts, safeguarding the unique culture, identity, and autonomy of rural communities which form the backbone of the state of Texas.

5. Research & Education: To conduct and disseminate meaningful research that bolsters the case for the efficiency and necessity of rural schools and to educate the public and policymakers about these findings.

6. Advocacy & Collaboration: To foster collaboration with other educational institutions, associations, and legislators, strengthening our advocacy for the rights and autonomy of rural schools and their students.

Approved by Board of Regional Directors July 2023